Like a Child: Childlike Prayer

Text: Luke 11:1-13

There are many things that we all can learn from children. In this message, we learn how Jesus calls all believers to persevere in prayer. To help us understand the principle, He pointed to a common trait in children that is an example for us to follow. When we pray, we need not be formal, eloquent, or even educated. We must simply come humble, honest, and fully dependent on Him. 

Like a Child: Childlike Praise

Text:  Matthew 21:1-16

In the culture today we hear a lot about praise. We praise others for a job well done, praise athletes for amazing feats, or praise victors for great accomplishments. We learn, though, through Scripture that only Jesus is truly worthy of all our praise. While there are many powerful Biblical instructions and examples of praise, we need not look further than the example of a child to learn how to praise the Lord. This message teaches us how we must be childlike in our praise.