Return to Me: Robbing God

Text: Malachi 3:8-12

In this message, we discover the third key problem that was causing a spiritual distance between God and the people of Malachi’s day. Sadly, just 100 years prior, the people had been in a similar situation and had failed to learn the lesson. It is interesting to note that even now, 2,400 years later, we still struggle with the same issue. Be sure to listen today so that you can give your best for the glory of God and the good of others.

Return to Me: Disrespecting God

Text: Malachi 2:10-17

Most people would never want to show disrespect or dishonor towards God. However, without even realizing they do it on a regular basis. In Malachi 2 God gives us a gauge to evaluate whether we are showing Him the respect and the honor that He deserves. The truth that He reveals may surprise you. Be sure to listen today so that you can learn and grow to the be the child of God that gives Him the honor and praise of which He alone is worthy.

Return to Me: Despising God's Name

Text: Malachi 1:1-14

Have you ever been lost and unable to find your way home? Many have experienced the fear and panic that comes with feeling lost. Spiritually, there are also many who are lost. They are distracted by all the temptations, pressures, and pursuits of this world. We learn from the book of Malachi that this can even happen to God’s people. They thought they were close to God because of their religious activity, but God saw things far differently. Be sure to listen today to discover where you are and where you need to be in your relationship with the Lord.

How To Make It Through the Storms of Life

Text: Mark 6:45-52

In Mark 6 we find that the disciples got into a boat, at night, and went out across the sea. In their obedience to Jesus, the disciples ran directly into a storm. Their obedience literally took them into the heart of a disaster. God doesn’t bring storms into our lives to make us bitter but make us better. The enemy may use storms in an attempt to destroy us, but they are meant to deepen us and deepen our trust in the Lord. Life comes with troubles regardless of whether or not you follow Jesus. As followers of Jesus we are challenged to have faith and trust Him in the midst of the storm.

Speaker Bio: Rev. Richard Seefried is a retired pastor, having served 4 churches over the course of 44 years. His last ministry was at First Baptist Church in Marilla, NY, where he served as Sr. Pastor for 18 years. Seefried is also the author of “Strength for Today,” a daily Bible study guide. He and his wife Nancy now reside in Harrisonburg, VA and are members at Crosslink Community Church.