Greater Things: God is Able

Text: Ephesians 3:14-21

Have you ever thought you were unqualified to do something God was putting before you to do? Has following God’s will ever caused a sense of fear or being overwhelmed? In our walk with the Lord, there are certainly times that He stretches us and calls us to do things that He knows we absolutely cannot do on our own. It is in these times that God is wanting us to discover something profound. Be sure to listen to today’s message so that you can discover this truth and walk in it.

Committed: Edify the Church

Text: Acts 4:31-5:14

Many of us struggle with commitment for a vast array of reasons. However, our growth and progress in life is largely dependent on our level of commitment in key areas of life. In the early church, we find that they had four key commitments that caused them to develop into the Church that the Lord wanted them to be. Not everyone was on board, and not all followed God’s plan, but those who did experienced Him in powerful ways. Be sure to listen today to discover the third key commitment of this young body of believers.

Committed: Engage in Community

Text: Acts 2:38-47

Are you following Jesus? Many would answer, “Yes!”, to this question with confidence because of a past experience when they trusted in Jesus and repented of their sins. However, our past decision to follow Jesus doesn’t automatically mean that we are still following Him today. In this message, we look closely at the early Church to discover what following Jesus should look like in our lives. I challenge you to listen today and examine your heart and life so that you can be sure that you, too, are a devoted follower of Jesus.