Unhindered: The Hindrance of Unforgiveness

Text: Matthew 18:21-35

The issue of forgiveness is something that we all wrestle with because we have all done wrong and we have all been wronged. The impact of forgiveness is so important because how we act towards others also impacts our relationship with God. Fortunately, God can relate to the pain that we feel when we have been sinned against and He shows us how, through His power, we can have victory in this area of our life and forgive others. Please listen today to discover how to overcome this hindrance.

Unhindered: The Hindrance of Unrepentance

Text: Isaiah 59:1-3 | Luke 18:9-14

 There are many things that can hinder us from living the abundant life that Jesus came to give. One of the subtle hindrances that can rob us of joy and prevent us from growth is the sin of unrepentance. Please take time to listen today and examine your own life to make sure that this hindrance is not preventing you from what God wants to do in your life. 

Unhindered: The Hindrance of Doubt

Text: James 1:5-8 | Numbers 13-14

Praying without doubt and living without doubt usually sounds impossible. Our lives are filled with all sorts of difficulties and disappointments that cause us to doubt others, doubt ourselves, and even doubt God. However, God shows us how we can overcome doubt and live according to His plan. Be sure to listen today to discover how you can personally overcome your doubts and experience victory in your life.