Invited to Ask: A House of Prayer

Text: Mark 11:15-18

When someone looks for a church they often evaluate and ask questions such as, 'What kind of music do they have?' 'How is their children’s ministry?' 'Are the people friendly?' 'What is their preacher like?' 'How are they involved in the community?' 'What do they give to missions?' But are these the aspects that are most important to God, or are these just cultural things on which we place importance? What does God expect of His Church? What is He looking for in our lives? Please listen to this week’s message to discover what God is looking for in His house and in yours.

Invited to Ask: It's Time to Pray

Text: Colossians 1:9-14 | Ephesians 3:14-21

The last few months we have focused on the theme of prayer. God has invited us to ask. In this Sunday's sermon, Pastor Michael Miller focuses on how it’s time to unceasingly pray with purpose, passion, and productively and the importance of devoting time to prayer. We can pray intentionally for God to work in our own lives and intercede for others. Regardless of where we are in our Christian walk, no matter the circumstance we face, God wants us to pray with commitment and devotion. He will be faithful as we seek Him and as we ask, God will receive the glory!

Invited to Ask: The Good Hand of God

Text: Nehemiah 1:11-2:8

Are you ready for God to answer your prayers? Are you ready for God’s hand to move in your life? Most would say that they are completely ready for these things, but wanting them doesn’t mean that one is actually ready to receive them. How can we be ready for God’s answer to our prayers? From the life of Nehemiah, we learn five key marks of the person who is ready to receive God’s answer. We pray that you will be encouraged and blessed as you listen today.

Invited to Ask: Don't Give Up in Prayer

Text: Luke 11:1-13

Have you ever wanted to give up on something? Have you ever invested time, resources, money, etc. for something that you thought was worth it, but eventually came to the point where you threw in the towel? Unfortunately, many people feel that way about prayer. Perhaps God didn’t answer their prayer. Perhaps He didn’t answer in the timing or in the way that was desired or anticipated. There are many things that cause us to give up in prayer. In this message, we learn directly from Jesus how we are to be a people who persevere in prayer. Please listen today and discover the joy that comes from persevering prayer.