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Kidslink and Littlelinks are part of the Children's Ministry of Crosslink Community Church encompassing infants through children in 5th Grade. Kidslink + Littlelinks carries out the overall vision and mission of the church by providing a Biblically-based and fun experience in a safe and secure environment. The ministry programming incorporates a process of large group and small group style learning experience utilizing the Gospel Project curriculum. 


  • Our Kidslink program runs simultaneous to each of our Sunday worship services at 9:15am & 11:00am
  • Come to the front doors of the B-Building (the building to the right of the Main Worship Center) before the start of the worship service to check-in your children and get identity labels. Someone is available to then assist you in getting your child to their designated room.
  • At the conclusion of the worship service, come to your child's room and present your matching identity label to pick them up!




The most essential of protocols and procedures that all Kidslink volunteers and parents need to know: 


    1. We PROMOTE SAFETY by protecting our kids with identity labels!
      • Children must be checked in & wearing an identity label before entering
      • To pick up a child, knock, then the parent/guardian must present their matching label
    2. We can CONTACT A PARENT during Worship by:
      • Texting the number provided at the Check-in Desk
      • Posting the matching child/parent label code on the Worship Center screens
      • Finding the parent in person
    3. We PROVIDE an allergy free SNACK!

      • This applies for ages Young Toddler through 2nd Grade. The infant Nursery is allowed outside food as the babies require specific diet needs based on their individual development
      • Allergy Alert labels are provided at the Check-in Desk
      • Outside food and drinks are not permitted (i.e: coffee, items from the Coffee Cafe Counter)
      • No nut containing or flavored food items are allowed in Kidslink areas
    4. We ENCOURAGE a HEALTHY environment and experience!

      • We sanitize regularly
      • Help us keep our team members & kids healthy by keeping a child who is ill out of Kidslink
      • Let us know, we will be able to pray they get well soon!