1. Why are we changing online giving vendors?

There are several reasons for this transition. First, we believe this transition will simplify the online giving process and allow new givers to enroll faster and easier. Secondly, this transition will allow us to engage with our donors via text and mobile giving more easily. Donors will be able to text crosslinkva to 77977 and receive a link to give through their mobile device. Thirdly, once our new mobile app is up and running, we will be able connect with all of our congregation in a more timely and effective manner. Finally, our new online giving vendor allows us to fully utilize our CCB (our online church management database) by giving us the option to take payments through forms. This will greatly streamline our event registration process and our payments for camps and other ministry related payment opportunities.

2. Do I need to stop my recurring gift in eGiving?

Yes. You will need to log into eGiving and cancel your recurring gifts by following these steps:

a. Log into eGiving at

b. Click on Scheduled Giving on the left.

c. For each giving schedule you have set up click on the “Delete Schedule” button near the bottom of the page.

d. If you have multiple giving schedules, you will need to click “Delete Schedule” for each schedule.

e. Log out of eGiving and set up your new giving schedule in Pushpay by following the "Give Online" button above.

3. Can I give to multiple funds at one time in the new giving (i.e. His Tithe, My Offering, Legacy)?

No. Pushpay does not allow you to give to multiple funds. You will need to create a separate recurring transaction for each fund.

4. Are there fees associated with giving online?

Yes. Crosslink pays a fee for each transaction:

1% of the total transaction for ACH (checking account draft)

2% of the total transaction for Visa Debit Card transactions

3% of the total transaction for all other credit card transactions (Visa, MC, AmeX)

These are estimates of the fees and may be higher or lower depending on the mix of credit cards used for the gifts. Also, you do have the option of checking a box to give extra to help cover these cost.

5. How do I give using Pushpay?

There are two ways to give using Pushpay:

a. Text crosslinkva to 77977 from your smart phone. You will receive a reply text with the link to Crosslink’s giving page. Click on the link. Enter the amount you wish to give. Select either the “Give one time” or “Make a recurring gift” buttons. If you selected “Make a recurring gift,” then select the frequency and start date. Click “Give $.” The first time you give using your mobile device you will receive an identity verification text. Follow the instructions in the text to complete your transaction.

b. Go to Enter the amount you wish to give. Select either the “Give one time” or “Make a recurring gift” buttons. If you selected “Make a recurring gift,” then select the frequency and start date. Click the next button. Then next page is a mobile verification page. This page will set up an account in Pushpay using your phone number. You can also set up an account by email and password. To do this click on the “How does mobile sign in work?” link. And then click on the “Set a new password” link in the third paragraph. This will allow you to create an account using your email address and a password. Or you can give as a guest.

6. Will I still have access to my old giving records?

Yes. The easiest way to access your old giving records will be to log into your profile in CCB (Church Community Builder – Crosslink’s online communication and database management software) by following this link: . If you don’t already have a user name and password then you can request one by clicking on the “Sign Up” link. After you log in click on your name in the upper right hand corner and then click on the “Profile” link in the dropdown box. Under your contact information you will see several tabs. Click on the “Financial” tab. Here you can see a list of recent gifts or you can click on the “Giving Statement” link and select the date range for the transactions you would like to view.