Harvest Day 2015 with Tony Nolan

In the years since he met Jesus, Tony Nolan has been dedicated to sharing this Good News of God’s redeeming love with masses of people in sanctuaries and arenas, everywhere. Tony spent several years as tour-pastor and Gospel-communicator with the Casting Crowns Lifesong-tour and the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. The tours stopped in more than 220 U.S. cities, resulting in 400,000 professions of faith in Christ over five years. Tony is a graduate of Criswell College in Dallas, Texas. After serving as a pastor to college students and singles, Tony moved into full-time evangelism and founded TNT Ministries alongside his wife, Tammy, in 2000. Tony currently serves as a teaching pastor for Freedom Church in Acworth, GA and is also studying for his Master’s in Ministry at Richmont Graduate University. He and his family live in Georgia.

Twitter: @tonynolanlive

Website: www.tonynolan.org, TNT Ministries