Gospel of John: Jesus Took My Place

We have all either seen movies about trials, read a John Grisham novel or watched one of the many television series depicting the riveting drama of a trial. In this passage of scripture we find Jesus on trial. He takes our place in the trial of the ages but it is not exciting in an enjoyable sense. In fact it is an elaborate display of the worst injustice from man’s point of view and from God’s a necessary means to an end. Jesus Christ was tried and convicted to die on the cross, not because of the manufactured reasons of the Jewish religious leaders or ploys of Roman officials, but so that there would be an innocent sacrifice for our sins to pay the ultimate penalty. Pastor Michael will unpack John 18:28-19:16 for us to show how Jesus took our place on trial for the sin of the world so that we can have the hope his sacrifice brings.

Sermon Notes (pdf)