No Longer Slaves

What is your freedom story? In Mark 5:1-20, Jesus encountered a demon-possessed man who’s life was a mess! What was this man's response when Jesus cast out his demons? He went and told everybody he knew! In this message, Pastor Brad Whitelaw shows us that Jesus can also step into our mess and set us free, and he challenges us to share our freedom story with the whole world! Brad Whitelaw is the student pastor at Awaken Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Prior to moving to Columbia, Brad served as a Student Ministry pastor at Prairieview Community Church in Regina, Saskatchewan, at University Drive Alliance Church, in Lethbridge, Alberta, and lastly at West Park Church in London, Ontario. Brad graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Youth Ministry from Briercrest Bible college in Saskatchewan, Canada and two years ago, graduated from Columbia International University with his Master of Arts in Biblical Exposition. In 2001, Brad was married to his beautiful wife Cortney. Together they have two children, Haley and Hayden. Brad and his family don’t like to sit still. They love adventure, sports, music, the beach, trying new things, making fun family memories and doing anything that will cause them to test their fears.

Sermon Notes (pdf)