Go Fish: The Presence of the Gospel

In 1 Thessalonians 2, Paul gives us a glimpse of what made his ministry so impactful and shows how a life of selfless concern must compliment the Gospel message. This sermon seeks to answer the question: "What must followers of Jesus be aware of in their hearts, if they are to please God by living selfless lives and see people come to Jesus as a result?" Paul indicates three areas that he addressed in his own heart and we must as well.

Speaker Bio: Ben Fleet is a native Virginian born in Blacksburg. After graduation from Pensacola Christian College, he served as the Youth Pastor at Max Creek Baptist Church in Virginia. Ben and his wife Alyssa were married in 2011 and have been blessed with two children. Since Ben last preached at Crosslink in May of 2016, he and his family have relocated to Montreal, Canada to answer God’s call to plant churches in unreached urban areas of North America. Ben currently serves as the Church Planting Intern at Renaissance Church in Montreal, as well as the Church Planting Assistant to the North American Mission Board.